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LL Cool J

Magazine article ADWEEK

LL Cool J

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Even the 'greatest of all time' has a guilty pleasure when it comes to TV. (hint: it involves ladies with a penchant for catfights.)

What's the first information you consume in the morning? I look at all the trending topics everywhere, but I also like to maybe read something from a book before I consume information. I like to start my day off by sharpening my mind.

What are your go-to social media platforms? I love Twitter and Instagram. I use Facebook a little bit too, but those are the main ones.

What does your Twitter handle, GOAT., stand for? It stands for Greatest of All Time. It's my nickname in the hip-hop world. I had an album in 2000 called G.O.A.T., and now I have another album that's going to be released called G.O.A.T. 2.

Who do you follow? I follow fans and friends. I think it's important to follow both. I know that some celebrities and artists are a little bit more exclusive in who they follow, but I like to know what the people are talking about, not just my famous or influential friends.

Apple or Android? Android.

What's your favorite app? My favorite app is not something that's as big with the public. My favorite app is MyConnect Studio--checking on name]. I'm in L.A. right now and you're in New York, so let's say we wanted to make a song together. We could go into MyConnect and together we could create a song in real time instead of emailing the song back and forth to do separate parts, and see each other while we're doing it. …

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