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SaaS Products by Themselves Won't Enhance Your Contact Center, but Integrated Solutions Will

Magazine article CRM Magazine

SaaS Products by Themselves Won't Enhance Your Contact Center, but Integrated Solutions Will

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If we consider Henry Ford's famous quote," You can have any color, as long as it's in black", there certainly was a time when companies set the standard and consumers were the willing recipients of whatever businesses disseminated. However, today the environment has drastically reversed, with customers clearly dictating "what, where, and when" without much care or consideration as to "how". As a result, businesses are scrambling to keep up with the changing expectations of the very consumers they wish to please; a tall order unless you have a crystal ball and a genie handy.


Adaptability has become the new prerequisite for business success, and contact centers are no exception. Luckily, with the advent of cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, the ability for enterprises, both big and small, to create their own customized platforms has never been more in reach. In fact, by the end of 2014, companies are expected to utilize 9.6 SaaS solutions on average, from CRM (Salesforce), to WFM (Verint), to Ticketing solutions (Zendesk), to accounting software (Intacct), to Contact Center solutions (3CLogic)--the list goes on. However, in a world in which customer service is crucial to any bottom-line, collecting a number of SaaS products is fundamentally pointless if they fail to work as a cohesive and complete solution with your current or future communications platform. In fact, the unfortunate outcome has been the creation of technologically advanced businesses with huge untapped potential and completely dysfunctional processes. One has but to evaluate the current failure in first call resolutions (as low as 30-40%) to quickly realize that despite the flexibility and benefits of SaaS products, subscribing to individual solutions does not inherently make businesses more adaptable to change; they must be integrated.


Today's contact center represents the frontlines of any well-run enterprise.

But to deliver on customer expectations, easy access to all the records available throughout the business is essential. Integrating your cloud contact center solution with your CRM is but the first step in what should be a concerted effort to integrate all data sources throughout the company. In short, a good cloud contact center solution should be the glue that binds a business' various solutions together, making the whole integrated package greater than the sum of its separate parts. …

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