Magazine article Techniques

Article III Membership

Magazine article Techniques

Article III Membership

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A. Eligibility

Any individual interested in the mission and purposes of the Association shall be eligible for membership.

B. Classification of Members

The Association shall consist of four (4) classes of membership:

1. Individual

2. Educational Institutions

3. National Affiliate Organizations

4. Associate Corporate

C. Individual Membership

1. Professional Membership

Individuals actively employed in or concerned with career and technical education.

a. Professional members in unified state associations are required to hold state and ACTE membership simultaneously.

2. Retired Membership

a. Individuals who are retired from active employment in career and technical education and have been an ACTE member for at least one (1) year.

b. Retired members cannot be employed either full or part time.

c. Retired members must notify AcTE should they regain employment and renew at the Professional Membership rate.

3. Life Membership

Individuals who, as of january 2006, are lil members of the Association will be recognized as either professional or retired members with all rights and privileges accorded to that member classification. but with no obligations to pay dues.

4. Student Membership Individuals who are enrolled as full-time students preparing to become career and technical educators and who are not employed full time in the education system as a teacher, counselor or administrator.

5. International Membership Individuals concerned with career and technical education who reside outside of the United States, its territories and protectorates and who are in a country that is not part of ACTE Region.

D. Educational Institution Membership

1. Any school district, technical and career center, curriculum center, community college or university.

2. If an employee or other representative of an educational institution is recognized as an individual member of ACTE by virtue of an Educational Institution Membership, he or she must pay to the state association clues for that state in which that individual resides where such affiliated state association requires concurrent membership in ACTE.

E. National Affiliate Organization Membership

1. Any national not-for-profit organization that has a professional interest in activities that foster the improvement and expasion career and technic education. …

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