Magazine article ABA Bank Marketing

Banks in the Future Will Serve Two Different Roles

Magazine article ABA Bank Marketing

Banks in the Future Will Serve Two Different Roles

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IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO NEW ORLEANS, you've probably waited in line to enjoy a meal at the city's most famous and popular restaurant, Galatoire's on Bourbon Street. This traditional, never changing establishment has maintained its popularity in an ever changing and fashionably competitive industry. A recent article on this spot described how the waiters, who typically have been there for 20 or more years, and their customers form enjoyable, lasting relationships.

While the food is certainly good, the menu hasn't changed in generations. No customer here knows the chef's name, and he isn't a media star. In the. final analysis. Galatoire's enduring success is as much, and perhaps even more, about its people than its products.

So, how does this relate to bank Think about this: Galatoire's customers don't eat all of their meals. there. The). go there when they want something special.

Banking is evolving that way, too. An increasing number of routine financial services are now being provided through fast, easy-to-use automated or self-service channels. People no longer need to go to the bank to make deposits, cash checks or make loan payments. Rut, for higher value services such as building a retirement portfolio or restructuring household debt or buying a new house or setting up a new business, people want to talk to their knowledgeable banker.

As you re-engineer your offerings and communications plan for this new world, here are three areas worthy of ongoing study:

* Directional signage. R (his, I don't mean little signs pointing the way to the ATM or drive-in. What mean is an ongoing, highly visible and creative way to communicate and clarify the roles and value of your self-service channels versus those of your professional bankers. Branches need to be configured to clarify this in a flexible way which, over time, distinguishes the routine transactional service components from the personal advisory components. …

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