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Words at Work

Magazine article Information Today

Words at Work

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If you have to get the next big thing for your systems, whether you need it or not, you may have upgrade fever.

banana problem: Business slang for a project that does not require a great deal of technical expertise-that is, a big, dumb gorilla could handle it. Commonly used in the industry in increments of "one banana" for very easy and "two banana" for easy. For example, "What's taking him so long to get your email set up? It's a two banana problem at most."

value-subtracted reseller: A company that buys components from other companies and puts them together in a system that's less than the sum of its parts. It is the opposite of a value-added reseller.

veal pens: Another name, similar to cube farms, for offices that are divided into cubicles

vest in peace: Slang for when a person sells his startup to a big company and quietly waits for his stock options to vest so he can quit (in peace)

virtual CEO (aka metamediary CEO or rent-a-CEO): A corporate executive who steps in to help an internet startup get off the ground or to help steer a struggling business through tough times. …

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