Magazine article U.S. Catholic

Youth Movement

Magazine article U.S. Catholic

Youth Movement

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In all too many parishes, the opportunities to make the young people feel needed and wanted are few and far between, so young people look elsewhere--which is our loss ("Just give me a reason," September).

Yes, social gatherings are good to get them to come, but then what? Then we need to actually get them involved in planning, listen to their ideas, and get them involved with interacting face to face with people of varying age groups. They have so much to offer if we'd just give them the chance to feel important, wanted, and needed.

Grace Byerly

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Events such as World Youth Day exist and thrive because of the "festival effect" that permeates all such large gatherings, be they political rallies, music festivals, or the Super Bowl. They're great because so many people come together for a purpose, and that in itself generates enthusiasm.

The truth, though, is that no one lives on the mountaintop. …

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