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Magazine article Word Ways


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"Thank you for the August issue, in which I particularly enjoyed Jim Puder's piece about Borgmann's Palindromes' articles. My interest in it was the greater because five years ago I looked into a similar case in the chess problem world. In 1927 Alain C. White, as pioneering an editor in his field as Borgmann was in logology, included in his column in the Pittsburgh Sunday Post a famous two-mover, attributing it to one Ralph Waldo Jones and accompanying it with a rambling and facetious letter headed "Oshkosh County Asylum". It is generally accepted that White must have composed the problem himself, but why he entered into such an elaborate deception remains a puzzle, for which I have offered one possible explanation.

I found Jim's analysis generally convincing except for his confidence that the articles must have originated with someone other than Borgmann, making him a plagiarist. If Borgmann was up to borrowing the name of David Williams, surely he could have adopted an unusual stance and style to aid his deception."

SCOT MORRIS has given us permission to rerun his fine article from his 1983 book OMNI Games, Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Scot was Games editor for OMNI Magazine for many years.


CHRIS MORGAN collected his list from members attending the International Puzzle Party in London in August, 2014.

This issue of Word Ways owes much to our founder the late Martin Gardner. We have to say that in addition to Gardner's superb ability to explain so well the varied topics he wrote about, there was an even greater bonus in his articles. …

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