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A Lot of Hoopla about Hoops

Magazine article Information Today

A Lot of Hoopla about Hoops

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Mercifully, fantasy football season is almost over. Even in an office filled with sports-challenged co-workers, your Field Correspondent still manages to hear way too much about the fakest of fake sports, in which you can find yourself rooting for and against the same team at the same time.

Instead, we're moving on to a sport in which much of what happens in the arenas for the first 4 months of the season doesn't matter. At least pro basketball has a team that people--well, people outside of a few selected locales--seem to like as its defending champion.

Yes, we're talking about our San Antonio Spurs, whose star of the future is better known for his giant hands than for his giant mouth. And now, NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is on Twitter (@kawhileonard).

Leonard, whose profile photo is of him posing with a pair of golden trophies, jumped into Twitter during the summer. His initial offerings included an interview with (and we're showing our ignorance of pop culture here) some guy named Rob Dyrdek, as well as a photo from a Spurs' clinic across the pond. (One of the rewards of having a winning record was to play preseason games in foreign countries of someone else's choosing; we suspect the notably frugal Spurs would have preferred a trip to Mexico to kick off the 2014-2015 season.)

Speaking of overseas travel, the premier nonaffiliated Spurs fan page, Pounding the Rock (pound, came up with a coup during the team's travels--and travails--on the continent. The site, which is as weirdly entertaining as a fan site ever gets, had a Spurs-loving correspondent at the team's exhibition game in, of all places, Turkey. The story's still on the site; it's worth the hunt.

Pounding the Rock is part of a fan-page network called SB Nation, which includes "punny" jokes such as Bright Side of the Sun (a site for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA) and The Crawfish Boxes (a site for Major League Baseball's beloved Houston Astros). See all 307 team blogs at

Let's get back to our own Spurs and the highly recommended independent blog. Today, everything in pro sports is so micromanaged that it's almost disconcerting to read some oddball and off-the-wall commentary on all things related to a team. …

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