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Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback: Best Practices for Enterprise Feedback Management

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback: Best Practices for Enterprise Feedback Management

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One of the hallmarks of a successful customer experience program is being able to actively engage with customers across a variety of channels. But "engagement" is a two-way street, with information and interaction flowing in both directions. Passively "listening" across channels or simply reacting to customer complaints isn't likely to engage customers at all.

So how do you keep the flow of engagement going with customers across multiple channels and areas of your business? Savvy companies use a closed-loop enterprise feedback management process to help them capture, analyze, distribute, and act on customer feedback systematically, encouraging engagement while driving company-wide accountability for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are four best practices that can help you implement a closed-loop system in your organization:


Closed-loop enterprise feedback management programs capture customer feedback, both structured and unstructured, across all channels--Web, email, phone IVR, text (including survey comments, chat and social media), mobile, and SMS--to help increase response rates and gain greater insight at key points throughout the customer's journey.

Such programs can capture and analyze feedback from customers and employees to provide a holistic view of data to identify common trends. Relationship surveys can help companies understand the overall customer perception, measuring loyalty based on the cumulative interactions over time. Transaction surveys provide more immediate feedback following an event to help surface opportunities for process or service improvements. Analyzing customer and employee feedback can reveal common trends as well as perception gaps that can be addressed to further improve the customer experience. Enterprise feedback management solutions can help simplify this analysis, particularly if you choose one that can be implemented across your entire organization.


Did you know that many surveys are abandoned on the first or second pages? Customers can be daunted by surveys that are too long, poorly written, or not targeted. They can also be turned off by being bombarded by surveys sent by different areas of your organization.

Surveys should be designed to focus on a specific goal and provide actionable feedback. Consider inviting customers to opt-in to participate on survey panels, which can pay off in higher response rates and more in-depth, targeted customer insight. With panels, you can personalize surveys and campaigns based on customer profiles while gaining more insightful data from your customers. An enterprise feedback management solution can help you centralize survey management, branding, workflow, and collaboration. …

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