Magazine article Success

How Do You Stay Productive?

Magazine article Success

How Do You Stay Productive?

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A healthy mind/body balance is imperative for entrepreneurial success. Poor dietary habits can contribute to a lack of focus. I also get up at random intervals throughout the day and take a stroll around the block. Sunlight stimulates serotonin [to help maintain mood balance], so just stepping outside can make a world of difference.

--Ben Kusin, co-founder and CEO, reviver

I rely on my two favorite apps, Calendly and, to keep my day organized, set meetings, reorganize projects and stay ahead of deadlines. I also like to go walking or hiking to clear my mind.

--Aihui Ong, CEO, Love With Food

I try to schedule most phone calls and meetings after 2 p.m. so I can devote the first half of my day to proactive, value-adding activities. I try to complete a task I've been avoiding first thing--[Brian Tracy's] "Eat That Frog" technique--and rely on other rituals throughout the day, like creating a HIT (high-impact tasks) list. Last, I make sure to schedule mental check-ins--like walks or gym breaks--to avoid fatigue.

--Andrew Josuweit, founder and CEO, Student Loan Hero

Staying focused is key. To stay productive, I believe in setting strict routines rather than simply setting goals. Setting goals and reaching milestones is important; however, if you wish to keep an intensely productive schedule, you'll need to focus on implementing a strict routine and system to help you reach those goals.

--Anisa Mirza, co-founder and CEO, Giveffect

A great tool that I acquired from my years in the military is the use of mission statements, like the acronym SNAP: Sense of urgency, No excuses, Attention to Detail, Pride of ownership. SNAP is the foundation to everything we do and a disciplined approach to running a startup. …

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