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Exodus: Gods and Kings

Magazine article U.S. Catholic

Exodus: Gods and Kings

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Directed by Ridley Scott (20th Century Fox, 2014)


Exodus: Gods and Kings tells what should be a familiar story: A man raised as Pharaoh's son discovers his dangerous heritage, gradually identifies with his oppressed people, and allies with their God to lead them to freedom.

Director Ridley Scott leaves Moses' revelations open to interpretation. Before Moses' vision of God and the burning bush, he's hit on the head by a rock during a landslide. Henceforth, only Moses (Christian Bale) can see God. The viewer must decide whether the prophet is receiving divine revelation or merely hallucinating.

Simple psychology cannot explain the plagues that devastate the Egyptians with increasing severity. As the plagues go from bad (but scientifically explainable) to worse (and clearly divinely ordered), the viewer begins to feel bad for Pharaoh and the rest of the Egyptians. The scene in which Ramses seals away the corpse of his infant child is truly chilling. We are not surprised when he sends his chariots after the Israelites. …

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