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Quick Bibs: AIDS

Magazine article American Libraries

Quick Bibs: AIDS

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QUICK BIBS: New and recent books on a timely topic Bill Ott, compiler


WE ARE LIVING IN A WORLD OF lethal acronyms, and AIDS is at the top of the list. Because so little was known about acquired immune deficiency syndrome when it started making headlines in the early 1980s, it has taken a while to develop a literature on the subject. Although there are still more questions than answers, books on all aspects of AIDS have been appearing at a steady clip for the last year or two. At this point, any bibliography on the topic will necessarily be out of date by the time it reaches print--the definitive AIDS story is still being written. Nevertheless, the recently and soon-to-be published titles listed below offer a cross section of available AIDS material as well as more general treatments of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Altman, Dennis. AIDS in the Mind of America. Doubleday, 1986, $16.95. (0-394-19523-0)

Altman's study is a perceptive analysis of how the AIDS threat has affected the way we think about such fundamental human concerns as sex, health, and death. Examining changes in attitude among both heterosexuals and homosexuals, Altman shows how a medical epidemic can have far-reaching social and political ramifications.

Black, David. The Plague Years. Simon & Schuster, 1986, $14.95.

Scheduled for publication in June 1986, Black's book expands on a Rolling Stone article that appeared last spring. According to the publisher, the book will examine AIDS from clinical, social, and symbolic perspectives, and will contain current medical developments.

Eckert, Ross D. and Wallace, Edward L. Securing a Safe Blood Supply: Two Views. American Enterprise Institute, 1985, $16.95. (0-8447-3571-X, 85-1344)

Maintaining a safe blood supply has become a controversial issue as the toll of AIDS victims continues to grow. This study explores two proposals: a volunteer-donor system and a cash-payment system employing careful screening. The blood supply issue is an example of how AIDS threatens the very fabric of health care in the U.S.

Fettner, Ann Giudici and Check, William A. The Truth about AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic. …

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