Magazine article The RMA Journal

The Little Silver Book Interviewing: (Everything You Need to Know)

Magazine article The RMA Journal

The Little Silver Book Interviewing: (Everything You Need to Know)

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by D. Neil Berdiev

Published by DNB Advisory, 2014 ISBN: 978-0-977-41173-3 (paperback)


Would I call this book "silver" if I were looking for truth in advertising? No. I think it's more "platinum" in that it's a rarer metal, not always distinguishable from silver by the casual observer.

The Little Silver Book offers young readers, especially those who haven't sat on the other side of the interviewing table, useful advice on the do's and don'ts of job searching, with a particular focus on entering the commercial lending held. However, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to job seekers in other professions, since it offers many universal truths about the interview process. Also offered are humorous anecdotes that can be useful to seasoned professionals seeking a position at a new company or in a related held.

Those of us trying to hire and train the next generation of professionals recognize the millennials' now-familiar expectation that the business world should conform to their job satisfaction requirements and need for rapid advancement. Berdiev's book gives them the gentle reminder that, in order to be successful at obtaining a position, it is the interviewee who needs to learn the rules of the hiring game and the job position he or she is seeking.

The book is made up of 105 two-page concepts organized into five principal sections: 1) fundamentals of the hiring process, 2) before-the-interview advice, 3) during-the-interview hazards and techniques, 4) after-the-interview best practices if you do or don't get the job offer, and 5) a "bonus" section of worksheets and background information specific to the entry-level commercial credit applicant. …

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