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7 Lessons to Learn in the Digital Shift: Focus on Relevancy to Build Loyalty and Authenticity

Magazine article CRM Magazine

7 Lessons to Learn in the Digital Shift: Focus on Relevancy to Build Loyalty and Authenticity

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THE STAGE is set for digital transformation to be one of the hottest trends in 2015. In customer experience (CX), market leaders and early adopters have already embraced the shift. Yet massive hype will be coming soon, as the importance of digital channels hits mainstream awareness. While it seems as if digital can be applied as an adjective to every movement or trend, Constellation Research defines digital transformation as the methodology in which organizations transform and create new business models and cultures with digital technologies.

Customer experience in the digital age requires a shift in thinking. Those in leadership positions must prepare to move ahead of these social, organizational, and technology shifts or be left behind as digital business disruption becomes a necessity.

There are seven lessons from market leaders and fast followers to be learned in the shift to digital CX:

1. Deliver a continuum of interactions. Customer experience in the digital age is not a one-time event. It's not a metric or Net Promoter Score. The sum of all good and bad interactions drives the overall impression on a customer. Even worse, every interaction is on display to the public and networked.

2. Shift from engagement to experience using analytics. The digital world enables CX professionals to track every click, touch point, and bit of digital exhaust. All this data must be converted into information, must surface insights, and must ultimately democratize decisions. Data is the foundation of digital customer experience. Analytics helps CX leaders shift from engagement to experience.

3. Design from multichannel to ubiquitous channels. Tired of the omnichannel label? We are too. It's not about omnichannel, but rather about delivering a seamless single response regardless of the channel your customers are in. Digital customer-centric experiences transcend and traverse channels, departments, and internal business processes.

4. Let customers craft their own adventure journeys. Journey mapping often limits the paths a customer is able to take. When customers choose their own adventures, digital customer experiences support customer segments of one.

5. Embrace identity to deliver hassle-free experiences. Identity removes the barriers and transaction costs in customer experience. Seamless access and payments can remove the friction points. …

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