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Celebrate Digital Mavericks

Magazine article Marketing

Celebrate Digital Mavericks

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Look left. I'm sure you don't often scour the panel in the adjacent column - but those eagle-eyed among you might have noticed something. Marketing's editorial team is 80% women.

I am passionate about equality and breaking down constructed barriers. Now, we haven't hit that 80% by means of a quota (honest), it's just life; but it's not common in this line of work. At the Press Awards in March, I counted just six female winners out of 48 - and two of those took gongs in a women's prize category.

We all know that times are changing, but across the board it's painfully slow.

In this special pre-election, trust-themed issue of Marketing, we hear from MP Harriet Harman (page 16) who describes how trust is front and centre in the upcoming election.

Speaking at a WACL dinner a few weeks ago, Harman said that, when she was first elected in 1982, she was in the 3% of female MPs. We heard how male MPs jeered every time one of their female peers spoke in the Commons. Due to women-only shortlists, the balance is no longer so outrageous, with females now holding 23% of the seats.

As Harman says, there has been progress, but there's a long way to go. Getting at least some of the country's 'missing millions' - the 9m women who did not vote in the last election - to make their voices heard (see 'Reaching the missing millions', page 50) will go some way to building a more equal, representative society, she believes.

It's for this reason, that there is still a need to single out the achievements of amazing women; to set the stage and inspire generations. While this industry is jam-packed with fine minds, deep thinkers and entrepreneurial visionaries, we need to address why so few women are making their way to the top in the 21st century - particularly in the digital and tech sectors. …

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