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Magazine article Sunset

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Set out self-seeding annuals such as bachelor's button, calendula, cosmos, love-in-a-mist, and nasturtium. After the flowers have bloomed, skip deadheading and allow seeds to form and fall to the ground. New seedlings will mature and provide a second wave of summer flowers.

Sow seeds for pole beans in well-amended soil along a trellis. Space seeds 4 to 6 inches apart and plant 1 inch deep. Moisten soil thoroughly after planting and wait to water again until sprouts emerge.

Plant thornless blackberries in soil amended with plenty of compost. Our top picks for flavor include upright-growing 'Apache' and 'Black Satin' as well as trailing 'Thornless Boysen'.

Replace thirsty Kentucky turf grass with Cynodon hybrida 'Dog Tuff'. This drought-tolerant warm-season South African grass withstands high traffic, is fine-textured enough for play areas, and exhibits excellent durability in yards with dogs.


To keep your strawberry crop clean and help deter weeds, spread chipped bark mulch around plants; lift all leaves and fruit above the bark. …

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