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My Month: Keith Moor

Magazine article Marketing

My Month: Keith Moor

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Santander's chief marketing officer on what a true understanding of community can do for brands - and their employees' sense of common purpose

I have lived in West Hampstead, North West London, for 20 years. It has changed a lot in that time - the shops, pubs, restaurants, infrastructure and, most importantly, the people. So have I. I moved there with Tania, my wife (we weren't married then, though). We rented to see whether we liked the area. We then bought a flat and, as our wonderful children arrived, bought a house. We became what is commonly referred to as 'part of the community'.

'Community' has played a huge part in my life, both personally and professionally, over the past month. It would be impossible to write this without referring to the general election. It's not my place to make sweeping political comments or judgements, but what I found very interesting was the number of conversations I had with friends and neighbours that centred on the conflict they were feeling between local and national issues.

People were genuinely struggling with which took precedence when it came to putting an 'X' on their bit of paper in the ballot box. In many cases, the community in which they lived, and what happened within it, was a big driving force behind their eventual choice. In some cases, like mine, the impact locally was the single biggest factor.

At Santander, where I work, the importance of people feeling part of a community has also been prevalent over the past month. I've had several working sessions with the management team in my division, defining a way of bringing our people and their disparate disciplines together. The purpose is to create more of a sense of community - shared characteristics, goals and attitudes, ahead of functional annual objectives that drive performance- review sessions. The way of describing what we all do and what we aspire to be as a group working together.

We held a couple of division-wide sessions we call TeamTalk to unveil the work to the whole team and garner feedback. Thankfully, it's all been very positive and something people feel will help unify everyone across our various disciplines and locations. …

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