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Adwatch: Warburtons' Sly Strategy Hits the Spot. Somehow

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch: Warburtons' Sly Strategy Hits the Spot. Somehow

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Bread brand delivers the goods you didn't know you wanted with the help of star Stallone

If you've seen this ad, it needs no introduction from me. If you haven't, allow me to sum it up: Sylvester Stallone delivers Warburtons bread from its home town, Bolton, to stores across the country and nothing can stop him and his team, because they are...

The Deliverers.

On the wall of a creative department, it's one of those ideas that's tricky to judge; 95% of my brain screams 'solid gold stinker', the other 5% shouts 'so bad it's good'. But the problem with the 5% is it's rarely correct about the 'good' part.

However, I first saw this during an ad break at home, allowing my reaction to veer closer to the realm of my punter self, rather than the over-thinking ad creative.

From the first frame, my mind was spasmed into total bamboozlement. The complete incongruity of Stallone advertising Warburtons (two worlds that have no reason - logical, spiritual, cosmological or scatalogical - to be linked) filled my mind with questions. Synapses that had never met before were introduced, bonding over the ridiculousness of this strange encounter.

This synapse chatter never stopped. Put simply, I enjoyed it. The agency did the one thing that saves such an idea - they bloody well went for it. Sheer bravado and unashamedly bold production. Have you ever experienced the joy of watching someone dancing badly, but with absolute conviction? That.

Much like the Van Damme Coors ads, this derives power by walking a self-referential tight rope. Are the stars self-aware, laughing at themselves doing a bad ad and thus making it good? Or are we laughing at them as they are forced to sully their previous status? Either way, it makes for good viewing.

After achieving two very difficult things, standout and memorability, does the ad make me want to eat Warburtons? …

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