Magazine article Practical Literacy

The Impossible Quest: Books 1-3

Magazine article Practical Literacy

The Impossible Quest: Books 1-3

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The Impossible Quest: Books 1-3

The Impossible Quest: Escape from Wolfhaven Castle

The Impossible Quest: Wolves of the Witchwood

The Impossible Quest: The Beast of Blackmoor Bog

Kate Forsyth (2014)

Gosford: Scholastic Australia


Kate Forsyth's latest novels, The Impossible Quest series offer an addictive, classic combination of fantasy themes and adventure for primary age readers. The first three books are reviewed here and two more are due for later release which will complete the set of five.

The Impossible Quest: Escape from Wolfhaven Castle (part one) lures the young reader into a thrilling ride of mystery when the main character Tom, a dish washer in the castle, is met by a strange man with a cryptic and dangerous message: that the township and Lord of the castle should be warned of a terrible danger about to be unleashed. As the gripping story unfolds Sebastion (the son of a Lord), Lady Elanor of Wolfhaven, Quinn, the witch's apprentice and Fergus (Tom's faithful wolfhound) endure a terrifying invasion from the countless bog men-creatures and a black knight. The invasion ultimately sees the castle and its people enslaved. The characters escape and embark on a journey to find help with little more than the clothes on their backs and gifts from the good witch.

In Wolves of the Witchwood (part two) our team of brave youngsters begin a magical journey aimed at bringing the evil men, women and creatures to justice for the siege of their home and the enslavement of their people. In the woods, they encounter a blind witch who is not quite what she seems. Following the riddle like words uttered by the good witch of Wolfhaven, the children aim to find three mythical beasts to help them on their quest. Already having rescued a unicorn from cruelty and discovering a griffin who Tom befriends, the quest begins to breathe hope for the four. …

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