Magazine article Sunset

It's the Everything-Built-In Bedroom

Magazine article Sunset

It's the Everything-Built-In Bedroom

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It's the everything-built-in bedroom

More a retreat than a bedroom, this 20-by 25-foot second-floor area combines the comforts of a den, living room, and sleeping chamber. It contains a bureau, a queen-size bed with 12-foot-long headboard, a long planter, a couch with two end tables, a TV and stereo center, a desk, and a fireplace with wood-storage bin-- all without seeming crowded. The key to the spaciousness is that everything except the desk's chair and bed is built in.

To make this possible, architect Scott Mitchell of Menlo Park, California, borrowed some space from adjacent rooms, framed in thicker-than-normal walls, and used partitions as integral parts of the furniture.

Bureau drawers, bedside cabinets, and doors for the TV and stereo center are unobtrusive: they sit flush with the walls and are painted the same color. The bureau is part of an extra-thick wall between bedroom and bath. Twin storage compartments flanking the bed fit into a 12-inch-deep wall into which Mitchell sculpted a curving, 54-inch-high recess.

Curves repeat elsewhere. A low wall wraps around the 9-foot couch, creating two 24-inch-high end tables. The end wall of the 3 1/2-foot-wide alcove at the room's entry curves toward the front of the house. A slab of travertine marble spans the alcove and butts with the curving wall to make a desk. The most prominent curve is part of a two-story wall of glass.

The 12 1/2-foot section of wall containing the fireplace stands 33 inches inside the true outside wall. …

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