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Magazine article Word Ways


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Below is a list of animal names. Fourteen of them are genuine names of birds, fourteen are genuine names of fish, one is shared by both a bird and a fish, and one is completely fictitious. Can you correctly classify all thirty? If you get more than half of them correct, consider yourself an expert ichthyomithonomastician. (The correct classifications are in this issue's "Answers and Solutions".)

1. Grass-eater

2. Graceful prinia

3. Yellow-bellied tiktik

4. Forster's hawk

5. Greater adjutant

6. Sea eagle

7. Velvet asity

8. Black-spotted bare-eye

9. Bearded croaker

10. Wrenchman

11. Tawny frogmouth

12. Snotty parrot

13. Blackfoot cardinal

14. Elegant sand diver

15. …

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