Magazine article Word Ways

Its All Greek to Me

Magazine article Word Ways

Its All Greek to Me

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There are 24 letters in the Greek Alphabet:

    alpha beta gamma delta epsilon eta zeta theta iota kappa lambda
   mu nu xi omicron pi rho sigma tau upsilon phi chi psi omega. 

Each of the couplets below includes the names of 2 of these letters. They are not in alphabetical order.

When it comes to Greek, PSI makes SIP While PHI is really a broken HIP

Take B from BETA to brew the TEA And when HI leaves CHI we're left with C

OMEGA plus N--it's GAME ON! While UNSPOIL makes UPSILON

SIGMA plus O metamorphose to IMAGOS EPSILON comes from a LIP and a NOSE

IOTA plus MC explodes into ATOMIC OMICRON transposes into MORONIC

An elementary particle, or eleven, is XI Circumference over diameter equals PI

It always comes first, because its ALPHA And in Afghanistan is a place called KAPPA

One single micron is the same as MU A single neutrino is represented by NU

E added to THAT gives us THETA But adding E to AT only produces ETA

The BALM AD. …

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