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Grieg * Moszkowski: Grieg Piano Concerto, Op 16

Magazine article Gramophone

Grieg * Moszkowski: Grieg Piano Concerto, Op 16

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Grieg * Moszkowski [G]

Grieg Piano Concerto, Op 16a Moszkowski Piano Concerto, Op 59 Joseph Moog pf Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrucken Kaiserslautern / Nicholas Milton

Onyx (F) ONYX4144 (66' * DDD)

(a) Recorded live at the Grosser Sendesaal, Saabrucken, May 30,2014

Whatever scintillates and delights is here in super-abandance. For brilliant pianist (and later spin-master for Benjamin Netanyahu) David Bar-Illan, the Moszkowski Concerto is 'first and foremost an orgy of pianism, an intoxication of what the instrument can do, a celebration of sound, sparkle and speed. Its the kind of assault on the senses experienced at a fantastic firework display. Plus a little pulling at the heart-strings. Profound? No. Thrilling? Yes.'

This is admirably put, though neither Bar-Illan's recording nor any other (Piers Lane and Michael Ponti) come within distance of Joseph Moog's. From Moog everything sparks and thunders. A virtuoso to the manner born, notes stream from his fingers like cascading diamonds, his playing alive with what David Fanning so wittily called 'the boggle factor'. Hear him leap, released, like a greyhound straining in the slips, from the Andante's dreams into the Scherzo vivace, though with ample time in the former to relish the more serious side of Moszkowski's ebullient nature (for this, try the deeply expressive second etude from Op 24, memorably recorded by Seta Tanyel--Hyperion, 12/96, A/02). …

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