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Magazine article U.S. Catholic

General Comments

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One cause of clericalism on which Cozzens did not dwell is over-work.

The demands placed on our priests today are often overwhelming.

As Cozzens mentioned there needs to be some time where the priest regroups, protects his privacy, and is off the clock. A healthy separation from the priestly identity and the profession are needed. Cozzens notes that clericalism exacerbates the problem, but the cause is not clericalism, rather the demands of ministry.

Andrew J. Russell

Appleton, Wis.

Until the church evolves beyond clericalism, it will remain divided and, in severe cases, deluded as to the true nature of its leaders.

Gloria Hutchinson

Bangor, Maine

We are all the people of God. Ministry requires professionalism but not clericalism.

Christopher Promis

Chicago, Ill.

The boys' club keeps clergy isolated from lay Catholics. I understand that one needs the support of others who share the same vocation, but there is a danger in an all-male, celibate priesthood. It causes a lack of perception and understanding of a whole segment of the church and a fear of women gaining more power.

Karen Conroy

Moon Township, Pa.

Priesthood, and especially religious order priesthood, needs to break out of the mindset that says being a priest is in large measure about the administration of an organization--usually a parish--and not about being a pastor in the many other ways that priests and Christians are called to pastor one another. …

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