Magazine article The New American

Shadowring Exposes Globalist Agenda: There Are Many Globalist Groups That for One Reason or Another Aim to Impose World Governance on the Planet, but the Council on Foreign Relations Is Pre-Eminent

Magazine article The New American

Shadowring Exposes Globalist Agenda: There Are Many Globalist Groups That for One Reason or Another Aim to Impose World Governance on the Planet, but the Council on Foreign Relations Is Pre-Eminent

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A powerful new documentary, more than two hours in length, entitled ShadowRing does a masterful job of exposing the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, its power over U.S. policy and both major political parties, and its radical agenda to strip Americans of their God-given rights and national sovereignty. Created by Free Mind Films in conjunction with international best-selling author James Perloff, the movie will serve as an effective tool to bring attention to the existence and seriousness of the world-government threat--not just from the CFR but from the whole architecture of world governmentpromoting powerhouses that now dominate government, the establishment press, much of the economy, the monetary system, the government "education" system, international institutions, and much more.

The film does an excellent job of combining interviews with knowledgeable experts along with narration and historical footage of the events and characters involved in the saga. Among those interviewed for the film are journalist Aaron Dykes, pastor and 2008 presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, author and expert on globalism G. Edward Griffin, author and journalist Jim Marrs, activist Adam Kokesh, and many other insightful and knowledgeable commentators. James Perloff, who helped write the film, is perhaps most famous for his hard-hitting book The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline, which ripped the mask off the CFR and its subversive globalist activities more than 25 years ago and exposed the agenda to countless Americans, ffe also features prominently in the film.

The documentary offers clear and convincing evidence to show even the most skeptical person that there is, indeed, a shadowy cabal of globalists hoping to install themselves as masters of humanity. In fact, early on, the film and the interview subjects combine to make a powerful case that America today is, in many ways, already essentially dominated by an "oligarchy," and has been for generations. Among the oligarchs' names mentioned in the film: Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderlip, Vanderbilt, Mellon, and other banking and political heavyweights. The film also shows how these oligarchs have long worked with each other to increase their wealth and power-- not by using the free-enterprise system and hard work, but by secretly collaborating in the shadows to subvert the U.S. Constitution, usurp control of government power, and fleece and deceive the American people.

The Council on Foreign Relations is identified repeatedly as the most powerful tool, or vehicle, used by the globalist establishment in the United States to manipulate and control the American people specifically. "Though virtually unknown to the public, the council dominates the Cabinets of both Democrat and Republican presidents," the narrator explains. "Since its founding in 1921, the CFR has produced 21 secretaries of war and defense, 19 treasury secretaries, 18 secretaries of state, and 16 CIA directors." The outfit also has many of America's biggest establishment media organs and megacorporations as members.

Its goals, interview subjects explain, include advancing the establishment's agenda for global governance, getting around the U.S. Constitution, and promoting tyranny at home and abroad. Quotes from the outfit's own flagship publication Foreign Affairs demanding world government and assaults on national sovereignty make that abundantly clear, too, as the film shows-- such as that published by the CFR journal Foreign Affairs in 1922, its first year of publication: "Obviously there is going to be no peace or prosperity for mankind as long as [the Earth] remains divided into 50 or 60 independent states until some kind of international system is created. The real problem today is that of the world government." Much of it is accomplished by stealth and deception.

Perloff, a leading expert on the CFR and the establishment behind it, realized that the globalist outfit was more powerful than even he understood when he produced his first major expose of the council and its machinations. …

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