Magazine article Sunset

Children Can Make as Well as Pound These Tom-Toms

Magazine article Sunset

Children Can Make as Well as Pound These Tom-Toms

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Children can make as well as pound these tom-toms A percussive summer medley can inspire a junior drum corps. The drums pictured above are easy for young musicians to make and, though basically just cardboard and paper, surprisingly sturdy.

You'll need scissors, a 2-inch-wide paint-brush, and pliers. Also, for each drum:

* 2 matching embroidery hoops (sold at sewing and fabric stores; $1 to $4)

* Railroad board (art stores; about 80 cents per 22- by 28-inch sheet)

* White glue (at least 8 ounces)

* Masking or brown paper tape

* 3 dozen clothespins

* Heavy brown wrapping paper (a 37-square-foot roll, about $1, is enough for two small drums)

* Permanent felt markers or acrylic paint

For the drumsticks, you'll need two 7- to 10-inch-long 1/4-inch dowels and either two round wooden drawer pulls and a drill with 1/4-inch bit or two rubber balls.

Making the drum wall. Choose the embroidery hoops first. Measure the outer circumference of one inner ring; add an inch for overlap. Next, decide on the drum height; cut a strip of railroad board to this width. If circumference plus 1 inch is longer than the strip of board, glue a second piece of board to the first, overlapping the seam 1 inch; seal with masking tape on both sides of seam.

On one side of the board, brush a strip of white glue at top and bottom edges. Wrap board around inner rings, holding in place with clothespins. Glue down the overlap to close the drum wall. Tape or weight the seam to maintain pressure while the glue dries. …

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