Magazine article Anglican Journal

Understanding the Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery

Magazine article Anglican Journal

Understanding the Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery

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I am encouraged by Marites N. Sison's editorial ('What do they want now?' May 2015, p. 4). In naming how frequently and yet inappropriately this question is voiced by Christians of European descent, she is effectively showing the enormous ignorance that continues to be a part of the Christian churches in their lack of understanding of the enormous negative impact that the Doctrine of Discovery and Christian colonization has had on the culture, identity, livelihood and well-being of Indigenous communities.

The editorial also clearly positions the challenge where it belongs: namely in the laps of all of us who call ourselves Christian.

As we proclaim our commitment to continued truth and reconciliation,

we must, more than ever, listen carefully to the voices of First Nations peoples and be willing to stand with them and challenge systems and practices that continue to impede their human rights and sovereignty. This must include a deep self-reflection on what Christian teaching over the centuries allowed us, "in the name of God," to commit such atrocities.

Thank you for a great challenge.

Diane Meredith Toronto

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I look forward to receiving the Anglican Journal (and the Saskatchewan Anglican) every month and actually do read it from cover to cover. My favourite section has always been Letters, but there are fewer and fewer printed in the actual paper. I know, "everyone" is going digital these days. I am one who has to admit to not looking at the webpage. …

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