Magazine article Word Ways

Fun with Nautonyms

Magazine article Word Ways

Fun with Nautonyms

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In the preceding article, Jeff Grant and I explored nautonyms in several dictionaries. We limited our study to single or hyphenated words, so omitted three cases we found of two-word nautonyms: CREE CREEK (Colorado), PIPE EYE (lazy crossed eye from meths) and FRANCES FRANCIS. Of the last, paired homophones, there must be so many as to make them trivial. Here's an alphabet of coined phrase nautonyms that mostly avoids paired homophones (but not silliness). They're not checked thoroughly as was the previous article so will include some not quite perfect nautonyms.

AWAKE--OH, ACHE! hangover_________________

BABE, ABE! answer to "Why so blue?"

CREOLE CREE HOLE a New Orleans Cree ghetto

DROWNED ROUND Obese yet didn't float.

DARED AIR. Did it in the street!

EQUAL SEQUELS Sameness II, Sameness III, etc.

EXTENDED SEX: TEN DIDS a potent all-nighter

FORK-ASSED FORECAST Unreliable, it may precipitate in either direction.

GAUGING AGING growing old scientifically

HOUSE SOUSE resident drunk

I'M MIME, but my gestures get mocked:

JEST YOUR GESTURE. Make fun of it.

KU KLUX KOOK LUCKS. Idiot rants racist slurs in Harlem yet avoids lynching.

LIFEFUL EIFFEL Japanese horror film in which giant buildings come alive and eat Paris.


NIXING NIXON, a 60s and 70s preoccupation.

OCTOPUS SOCKED A PUSS. I warned kitty to stay out of the water!

ONEROUS, SONOROUS Alarm clock? (compare AWAKE)

PEDIATRICS: SPEEDY HAT TRICKS three quick ploys to calm a child or get its attention

QUACK WHACK slapped by Dr. …

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