Magazine article Word Ways

Animal or Plant?

Magazine article Word Ways

Animal or Plant?

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In the same vein as Tristan Miller's 'Ichthyomithonymy' in the August Word Ways, your challenge is to identify whether the bold type names in the following list of palindromes belong to the Animal or Plant kingdom. Animals in this quiz comprise mammals, birds, a reptile and a marine invertebrate, and plants include trees, shrubs, flowers and a grass. There are twelve animals, thirteen plants and one that is derived from both. (See 'Answers and solutions' for the right classifications.)

A: karaka

B: a boab (baobab)

C: a bobac

D: a cycad

E: itsy tystie

F: fur do, O woodruff!

G: not ule-jelutong

H: a look at a koolah

I: an unai

J: neb o' benj

K: cod-dip piddock

L: law test-setwall

M: ungilt lignum

N: Apia taipan

O: bonobo

P: a pine genipap

Q: aim, umiaq

R: I pat a tapir

S: Sam, a camass!

T: rot, Sibyl, ply bistort

U: Yuk! I knot on kikuyu

V: allow ollav

W: ah, snore, heronshaw

X: an apt panax

Y: rat or otary?

Z: tipsy spitz



C: marmot (rodent)

E: black guillemot (bird)

H: Australian marsupial

I: two-toed sloth

K: rock-boring mollusk

N: poisonous snake

O: species of chimpanzee

R: large odd-toed hoofed mammal

V: learned man in ancient Ireland

W: young heron

Y: eared seal

Z: Pomeranian dog


A: New Zealand tree

B: monkey bread tree

D: primitive palmlike plant

F: sweet-scented plant

G: Bornean tree (ule = rubber tree)

J: Indian hemp smoked as narcotic (neb = nose)

L: the plant valerian

M: Australian shrub

P: S. …

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