Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Converting Fence-Sitters

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Converting Fence-Sitters

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There's nothing like a stint on the front line to bring you back to reality.

As an Assistant Manager for a large hotel early on, my job was to make sure we were 100-percent-occupied on our busiest days. If you've done this, you know it takes both skill and a little luck to wind up exactly on target. It can be challenging to fill 1,500 rooms exactly--not one more, not one less. And well, when we were oversold, I was the lucky manager who got to tell late-arriving guests that we had no more rooms. I clearly recall one guest who reacted by lying prone on the lobby floor to protest. Yep, it's true. You just can't make this stuff up.

But here's the news: even though my duties including managing customers, supervising employees and filling the hotel, my real job was to convert the fence-sitters. The same is true in marketing. Face it, when we're out there in the real estate world marketing our companies, some owners, tenants and residents will love us from the get-go. Others

won't. The rest will be squarely in the middle: those are the fence-sitters.

Want to turn your fence-sitters into advocates? Here are three of my favorite ways:

DON'T WAIT: A colleague relayed to me recently that she had put her office portfolio out to bid to three excellent companies. The two who didn't win lost out because of one critical factor: they didn't have current bench strength to handle the property. The moral here: don't wait!

GO SHOPPING: If you're already using mystery (or secret) shoppers, then you're likely an expert. …

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