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Magazine article U.S. Catholic

General Comments

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We are the body of Christ and we belong to God, not to a building or an area.

Name withheld

It is very outdated to think of community in only a geographical sense. With the way people travel easily by car and public transit, our worlds and communities are bigger than they were just a few decades ago. Add social media and the internet to the mix, and geographical closeness is even less relevant.

Cheryl Morrissey

Mahwah, N.J.

If the choice is to go to a "destination church" or not go at all (which unfortunately is what happens), I say go to the destination church! At least people are being nourished in their faith.

F. Connelly

Western Springs, Ill.

People need to take responsibility for their own spiritual life.

Sister Madeleine Tacy

Dartmouth, Mass.

Your whole theory of a neighborhood parish falls apart with the realization that "neighborhoods" don't exist as they did in the past.

Terrence J. Hazel

Youngstown, Ohio

There does not appear to be a great deal of concern about those who are alienated from their local parish or simply not interested in practicing their faith. We need to address why Catholics are leaving the church and moving from being "religious" (with a local parish) to being "spiritual" (with a pick-and-choose attitude). …

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