Magazine article UNESCO Courier

The Non-Aligned Countries Pool Their News

Magazine article UNESCO Courier

The Non-Aligned Countries Pool Their News

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The non-aligned countries pool their news

NEWS exchange, the basis of relations among news agencies, is more important today than ever before.

In recent years, news exchange has become accepted practice for most news agencies in the non-aligned world. January 1977 marked the second anniversary of the creation of the system known as the "Pool'--a multichannel flow of news reports and information between these agencies.

Current efforts to build a new international economic order inevitably stimulated initiatives for change in the structure of information, which for deceases had been based on a one-way flow of news from the developed to the developing countries under the influence of a small number of news agency giants in the developed world.

On the basis of recommendations adopted at the Fourth Summit Conference of Non-Aligned Countries held in Algiers in 1973, bilateral exchanges of views took place between the news agencies of some ten non-aligned countries concerning possibilities of joint action to change the existing situation.

The Pool was officially constituted at the meeting of information ministers and news agency directors of sixty-two non-aligned countries held in New Delhi in July 1976. All the resolutions of the meeting were endorsed a month later at the Non-Aligned Summit in Colombo (Sri Lanka).

The first meeting of the Pool co-ordination committee, held in Cairo in January 1977, noted that more than forty news agencies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe were already contributing actively to the news flow of the Pool. Five news agencies were already functioning as regional or multilateral collectors and redistributors of news reports and information from other agencies participating in the Pool.

The Pool is a tangible example of co-operation among equals on a voluntary and democratic basis. The manner in which it functions is the best proof of this. A news agency is considered as a participant if it transmits its selection of news reports to one or more of the Pool's collector-redistributor news agencies. …

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