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The State of Education

Magazine article Curriculum Review

The State of Education

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If you take a quick look at the news, you might assume that the United States' educational landscape is rather bleak. High school students in Brevard, North Carolina, walked out of school after an intense racial conflict ( A high school in Burrillville, Rhode Island is ramping up efforts to prevent students from getting hooked on heroin, a drug that has ravaged too many lives in this small community (

But, dig a little deeper and you can find positive stories too. For instance, some schools have curtailed discipline problems through the use of meditation practices. Plus, mounting data suggests that children who have "grit" are more likely to succeed than those who skate by on their natural gifts.

In this special edition newsletter, we will take a look at the following influences on the state of education:

* The role of grit in a student's success

* How to cope with racial tension

* Teenage drug abuse

* The long-term benefits of social emotional learning

* What to expect from the next U.S. Secretary of Education

* The impact of meditation on a school community

* Understanding English language learners

Sources:, 10/29/15;, 11/23/15

Education Buzzwords: Grit

Educational researcher Angela Lee Duckworth of Pennsylvania State University has found that students' "grit" can be the biggest determining factor in whether or not they will succeed in school and reach their life goals. Duckworth told "Educational Leadership":

"Grit is not just having resilience in the face of failure, but also having deep commitments that you remain loyal to over many years. …

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