Magazine article New African

I Am Not a Racist

Magazine article New African

I Am Not a Racist

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Before I even start this month's reflections, I feel I should apologise to those who may be upset by what I am about to write. You see, I have come to accept that the more the truth, the more likely it will upset. So if you can't handle the truth, you may want to stop reading right here.

I am not racist. I simply believe in empowering and promoting Africa. Yet if you do this, the world demonises, labels you all sorts and tries its best to discredit you. Just look at what happened to former Libyan President al-Gathafi. Look at how Robert Mugabe is vilified. The man has his flaws (don't we all). However, his vilification in the western media has nothing to do with his flaws as an African president, but more to do with his stance towards the western world: "You can't tell me what to do; you can't come and take my land; you keep your Britain and let me keep my Zimbabwe", he has famously told the West on many occasions. And if the West hates one thing, it's a black person who they can't control. A fearless African is a real headache to the West. Why should this be the case? What is it that makes one group of people believe they have superiority over others? In all human history, it's white people who feel they have the right to take and destroy. From Australia to America to Africa, history clearly shows how white people came to steal land, resources and people.

I am not racist when I say it. It's a historical fact. And if people are truthful enough to themselves, they will admit it. Yet, people have a huge problem when I cite history! I am not making these things up. It's not a lie I have made up when I say the missionaries came to Africa with Bibles to tell us that our ways were primitive. Yet these were the ways that helped our ancestors build pyramids, for example. Before the Bible arrived on our shores, we were merchants, astrologers, medicine men etc. Today we just quote the Bible more than our own ways. Just look at us today, what are we building? Even with toilets in our homes, we wait for a foreign NGO to come and build them for us.

Slavery is still on

I am not racist when I say Africans in Africa should be running their own affairs. If we were not capable of doing anything for ourselves, we wouldn't have been enslaved to go and do it for others. Seriously. Just take a breather here, and think about it. Would you employ a stupid person? Of course not. Africans were not stupid people before slavery. The colonisers came, saw our strength and achievements and rather than employ us on an equal basis, used guns to overpower us into working for them for free.

I am not racist when I say slavery is still going on in Africa today. Sadly, some Africans are very much part and parcel of it. Let me cite you an example. I recently did a job for someone, a foreigner in Ghana. A month after payment was due, things got rather ugly when rather than even pacify me over not fulfilling his end of the bargain, the person rather decided to insult me! Now, this is somebody who's well known in Ghana for being rude to all his Ghanaian employees. I have seen this man interact with foreigners and I have seen him interact with Ghanaians ... huge difference. It's not unusual for this man to insult his workers. Staff at the company are overworked and when the salary is eventually paid, it's late and little. Indeed my observation of the situation at the company is that the workers have been abused into submission. …

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