Magazine article Word Ways

A Puzzle-Literally!

Magazine article Word Ways

A Puzzle-Literally!

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1 Isabel

5 Ms-wasn't at the Alamo

8 Unruly owls

12 Orator or otherwise

13 Selflessness

14 Put a tog on backwards

15 Hater

18 You relieved the sad of the guards

19 Set up the wrong way

20 Bits

23 No rebus without you

25 Tim

26 Tye

30 Im

31 Logical outcome

32 Uses coal

33 El-man

35 I am superseded by you in skill

36 A pin dropped

37 Endow anew

38 Loop the loops

41 Angola revolt, no less

43 Unstop

48 No taking French leave from the anomie

49 Endear

50 ED

51 Came a cropper

52 CBS canceled combos

53 Popover buns


1 Junky car

2 Sam, a farewell to the Bahamas

3 Overate

4 AB. …

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