Magazine article Talent Development

Guidance for Young Leaders

Magazine article Talent Development

Guidance for Young Leaders

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Millennials Who Manage: How to Overcome Workplace Perceptions and Become a Great Leader

By Chip Espinoza and Joel Schwarzbart

Pearson FT Press, 176 pp., $25.66


More than ever, new managers are asking different questions due to the rapid advancement of young professionals and the challenges of managing multigenerational teams. Millennial managers often face unconventional challenges such as reverse discrimination and generational stereotyping. Millennials Who Manage addresses these challenges head-on in this trailblazing book for tomorrow's leaders.

Based on significant research through interviewing Millennial managers, the book focuses on clearly defining their challenges and delivering "how to be" rather than "how to do" solutions. The authors effectively navigate an often controversial topic by openly confronting many of the myths and biases regarding the generations. By directly addressing these myths, the authors reframe the generational discussion and allow for greater focus on critical day-to-day management issues.

The book begins with the definition of leadership and common perceptions of Millennial managers.


The authors continue to build on the book's theme by stating, "Overcoming negative perceptions has more to do with you learning about you than with others changing their opinions of you." Espinoza and Schwarzbart then take readers on a journey of self-reflection about the many perceptions of Millennial managers. …

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