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You're Missing Quota. Here Are 2 Ways to Fix It Now

Magazine article CRM Magazine

You're Missing Quota. Here Are 2 Ways to Fix It Now

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Depending on the source, between 40 and 70 percent of sales reps miss quota. While this number is staggering, what's worse is 23 percent of companies don't even know if their sales force achieves quota or not (i). With greater access to technology and data than ever before, how is this possible?

The reality is that even with Salesforce, too many bottlenecks remain in the sales process. Salesforce is great for building consistent sales processes and tracking sales activities. However, for many companies advancing through the sales process and logging necessary information requires a lot of searching, clicking and typing. Bottom line our sales teams rely too much on timeconsuming, error prone, manual processes.

What would being four times more likely to hit quota be worth to your company? What if you could know in real-time which of your reps were in danger of missing quota? Now is the time to eradicate the holdups in your Sales Cloud implementation to return days of productive selling time to your team and accuracy to your forecast.


There are only so many hours in the day, right? In fact, a typical Fortune 1000 field rep only spends 32% of their work week selling according to AGI's Sales Time Benchmarking Database. For a 40-hour week that means less than 13 hours--not even 2 full days--goes towards selling. Pre and post sales administration, like data entry, searching email for deal information and rekeying data to produce quotes, orders and contracts, consumes an inordinate amount of time. This busy work greatly reduces the amount of time sales people have to prospect, qualify and close sales.

Automating as many of these processes as possible makes it easier for reps to enter data, find the information they need and advance prospects through sales stages, while driving more frequent and accurate usage of Salesforce. Conga Composer drives all of these sales administration activities through Salesforce allowing sales people to enter data once and automate prospect communication and data management. In a single click, reps can generate everything from a simple email response to dynamic PowerPoint proposals. At the same time, Conga Composer will log an activity, save the communication in Salesforce and automatically update fields. …

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