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Driving Salesforce Adoption with an Approach That Works

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Driving Salesforce Adoption with an Approach That Works

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Adoption continues to be one of the most pressing issues faced by Salesforce customers, despite strong executive sponsorship, broad user training, and many other programs and incentives. Seldom do companies focus on what is likely to be the most important factor in changing adoption--usability.

Salesforce offers users a great experience, but even with their new Lightning user interface, companies are experiencing user adoption issues. This is tied to users simply being reluctant to learn a new tool. Organizations are aware of this--they continually patch Salesforce with various page widgets but with little success. This leads to Salesforce users basically using whatever tool they can to get their job done quickly and that tool is often Excel. However, importing data from Excel back into Salesforce is never easy or safe.

What if Excel was the user interface for data manipulation and Salesforce provided the storage, permissions, routing and validation for data?

Salesforce user productivity, user satisfaction and consequently, user adoption would soar. This is where X-Author comes in.


X-Author by Apttus is the prescription to increasing Salesforce adoption: Excel provides unmatched usability, is the most efficient way to work in Salesforce and has a dramatic impact on users' daily work. It allows users to work at Excel speed, while being in Salesforce the entire time. Aside from being incredibly fast and easy to use, it is also the first Excel solution that is safe for business users.

Take forecast updates for example: Sales users are having to open a separate form-based page for every record to update each opportunity. No one wants to do that voluntarily so they resort to doing it in Excel and firing off the results in an email to their manager. Ultimately, users want to work with a simple interface that they are familiar with and they know will work for them--Excel.


Sales reps want to spend their time selling, not updating CRM. With X-Author's speed and ease of use, reps can quickly get their Salesforce tasks done, whether it be opportunity updates or call logs. X-Author customers have boosted productivity by 10x; imagine how much more reps could sell with that time savings.


X-Author delivers a new set of features to Admins that will help get their work done quicker and easier. …

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