Magazine article American Libraries

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Magazine article American Libraries

Noted & Quoted

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"[Libraries are] sanctuaries of wisdom. Even if you pick up one book, you are surrounded by wisdom. In modern life, we're drowning in data and starved from wisdom."

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, speaking at the 2016 Public Library Association conference in Denver, April 8.

"Libraries are a final safety net. People use libraries to search for jobs, read newspapers and books, take computer classes, and inform themselves. They're a particularly valuable resource for educating children.

"An informed and educated population would see through the Koch brothers' goals and fight back against their enrichment at the expense of the poor and middle classes. Defunding libraries can only serve to keep the population pliant and ignorant.

"Unlike voters in Plainfield [Illinois], St. Louisans have been forewarned about [tax opponent Rex] Sinquefield's campaign. Fool us once, shame on you. Create a nation of fools, shame on us."

EDITORIAL BOARD, "Editorial: Defund Libraries. Create a Nation of Fools," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 27.

"Libraries can support a decentralized system with both computing power and lobbying muscle. The fights libraries have pursued for a free, fair, and open internet infrastructure show that we're players in the political arena, which is every bit as important as servers and bandwidth.

"What would services built with library ethics and values look like? They'd look like libraries: Universal access to knowledge. Anonymity of information inquiry. A focus on literacy and on quality of information. …

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