Magazine article Artforum International

Fierce Fussy

Magazine article Artforum International

Fierce Fussy

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Dearest beings of 2016

We have received your transmission We are overjoyed to be in communication with you across time- Our translators, transcribers & scholars have been poring over your transmission and there is much we do not understand :::

<:> Why do you classify your beings into separate value categories according to physical attributes?? In our commons, all beings are possessed of equal significance :^^^^^^

._o Planet earth has abundant sunlighti water and flora- Why do so many of your people suffer from hunger? ^^... Do you need <>**<> sustainable farming transniques and energy-harnessing? We can send right away!! Of course telepathic communication is easies~~ or do you prefer dropbox?

][ We are unable to translate the phrase 'for profit-what does this mean?

**~ Your transistor **Queen Bey** is magnificenti we have incorporated "Formation" into our celebration dances- lile transform adoration for many of your transistors Yoko Ono, Patti Smithi bell hooks, James Baldwin, David Bowie, Sitting Bull, Justin Vivian Bond, Maria Callas, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Chantal Akerman, P-Funk, the celestial Nina Simone and the flame ~*~Angela Davis~*~

[][] What do you mean by 'man' 'woman' 'he' 'she' ? Can you translate for us? >

[]{}[]~ 'We are deeply impressed with your medical texts + millennia of acupuncture + holistic healing, but cannot decipher the intention in 'eligibility', 'insurance' 'coverage'. =><= Do you not care for all your people? <*><*>

<:> What is 'police'?

._o Can you explain the following words: 'faggot' 'cunt' 'nigger' 'bitch'?

(==) Do you still engage in the practice of slavery??=<<=

.>.--_< You seem to delight in explosions and combustion and shattering of structures. Is it the noise & smoke you enjoy? Often your people are dressed in uniform garb--is this a 'sport'?? Is this what you call 'theater'?? There is blood and screaming, people buried in sharded stone and metal, lying still and lifeless- Are you killing each other? Do people die??)()(We are absolutely ><>< transbegoggled ><>< :^^^** Our wisest scholars and librarians are unable to untangle these questions. …

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