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Cheese Board, Bread Board, Whatever-Board

Magazine article Sunset

Cheese Board, Bread Board, Whatever-Board

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Cheese board, bread board, whatever-board

If you can drill a hole or make a straight saw cut, you can make a custom inlaid cutting-serving board of your own design. We used scraps of hardwood, water-resistant wood glue, and a variety of dowels to make the three boards pictured at right.

Each takes less than an hour to complete (plus glue-drying time), so you could make several to give as gifts. Cost of materials ranges from $3 to $10, depending on choice of wood and doweling (check with hardwood dealers to find maple, walnut, or oak doweling).

Make round motifs with different-size dowels in drilled holes; for stripes, set ripped hardwood strips into sawn grooves. Or combine both techniques. After sanding boards, rub with mineral oil.

Photo: Drill holes for dowels using drill guide (shown), drill press, or a steady hand. Success with twist, auger, or spade bits depends on wood density, drilling skills. Note lapped dowels already in place

Photo: Tap dowel pegs coated with glue into glue-coated holes. Position end grain for desired effect. Dowels should be flush with board bottom. Quickly wipe off excess glue

Photo: Saw off dowel pegs using any fine-tooth saw (shown is offset backsaw) when glue has dried. …

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