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Magazine article U.S. Catholic

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Readers comment on an article by feminist theologian Elizabeth Johnson that argues Catholics should stop using Mary as a placeholder for God's feminine side since God is neither male nor female but source of both ("Don't make Mary the feminine face of God," U.S. Catholic, April 1994).

Although this article was written a number of years ago, it is still timely. And Elizabeth Johnson makes a powerful case with her usual clarity and intelligence.

--Mary Bethany

I so appreciate this article and agree, despite that it's 20 years old, it is absolutely relevant. When I listen to the readings at Mass, I wonder if anyone else, women specifically, are aware of the constant referral to God as male.

It does place the male as supreme, and I'm not sure if it will ever change. Men are supreme in the Roman Catholic tradition and make the rules telling women they are inherently unequal. As I age it is more difficult to accept.

--Anne Hansen

Interesting article, but it is full of over-simplifcations on both sides of the spectrum. I think it could use an update.

--Leon Andrews

This sort of obsession with rushing to mother Mary should not be viewed as some crazy fantasy but the very essence of being a human being. …

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