Magazine article USA TODAY

The Ultimate Squanderer: Hopeless and Changeless-How Barack Obama Wasted Both Terms of His Historic Presidency

Magazine article USA TODAY

The Ultimate Squanderer: Hopeless and Changeless-How Barack Obama Wasted Both Terms of His Historic Presidency

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BARACK OBAMA was elected president of the U.S. on a promise of hope and change--hope for a more prosperous and united America. Along with his historic election came an even more historic opportunity: the ability to help heal race relations once and for all in this country. However, that opportunity never was taken advantage of. Instead of trying to unite Americans of every color, creed, and socioeconomic status, the President instead chose to use identity politics and class warfare to divide this nation intentionally and systematically.

Once thing is for certain: Pres. Obama is not stupid. He is well on his way to accomplishing exactly what he said he would do: fundamentally transforming the nation. His complete and utter disdain for the U.S., its Constitution, and anything having to do with Christian-Judeo values is quite remarkable. The Constitution to a power-hungry leftist like Obama is nothing more than a speed bump in the road, and who better to drive around those speed bumps than a Constitutional scholar?

The Democrats were very smart. They knew what most of the people in this country did not--that the U.S. was ready to elect its first minority president. The Dems understood that, if they could find someone who could appeal to both whites and blacks, with the help of the liberal media they could get that person over the finish line. That someone turned out to be a half-black, half-white Illinois senator a majority of citizens never had even heard of. The Left introduced Obama to the country as a living savior. They put him way up on a pedestal. He became a mystifying, mesmerizing, public figure. His loyal fans were very cult-like and were willing to do just about anything for their new leader.

Obama ran on a platform of divide. He said he would "tax the rich" and make them "pay their fair share." Then he promised free health care, free education, free this, free that. He was the modern-day version of Robin Hood--but, like all fairy tales, eventually you have to wake up and realize they are not real. What the President did not tell voters is that nothing in life is free, especially if it comes from the government. When you allow your government to provide for you, there always are strings attached--usually a loss of liberty.

After his selection--let's face it, there was no way the Left and the media were not going to make this historic presidency a reality-U.S. race relations showed real promise. His election gave most of the nation new hope: white America finally was able to wash away the stain of slavery, while black America finally was able to heal, forgive, and feel as though they now were equal. Instead, just the opposite occurred. With millions of people out of work, a struggling economy, and a tanking housing market, the President intentionally made things worse. Instead of lowering taxes, he wanted to raise them. Instead of cutting spending, he in creased it. Instead of solving problems, he created new ones. Yet, the worst thing he did was start to dismantle healing hearts through discrimination and victimization.

His political positions started to alienate certain groups of Americans. His anti-business, pro-government policies angered the majority of small business owners. His anti-coal stance was responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs. His contraception mandate of ObamaCare deeply offended the 77,000,000 Catholics in this country. His numerous attempts to pass anti-Second Amendment legislation angered the more than 80,000,000 gun owners, and his sweeping health care bill-laughably called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act--adversely has affected a majority of Americans in one way or another. A large ideological divide started to deepen and take hold across the land.

The President's cheerleading squad in the media started to protect him by pulling the race card every single time someone disagreed with his policies. Too many African-Americans foolishly started to buy into these arguments. …

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