Magazine article Management Today

Tomorrow's Jobs

Magazine article Management Today

Tomorrow's Jobs

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In the first of a new series, we look at the jobs that are being created rather than destroyed by the tech revolution.

No 1 Data Scientist

- Why?

Because big data is booming - the UK economy is expected to create 56,000 jobs for data scientists every year between now and 2020. A good one can be on six figures in no time, and you get to work for cool tech companies whose cachet will make your mates in tired old professions like medicine or law really jealous. Plus it's probably the next big route into the CEO's chair - what's not to like?

- What?

Data scientists use statistical and analytical techniques to wrangle nuggets of insight into markets or customers from the vast and under-explored bran tubs of data that firms have been collecting for the past decade or so. They then apply these insights to the business, to help build better products and services and ultimately, make more money.

If it all sounds a bit vague, the holy grail of data scientists is data-driven decision-making, where strategic choices on everything from R&D and innovation to sales and marketing are all taken based not on the shifting sands of human instinct but on the solid bedrock of intelligent factual analysis. …

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