Magazine article U.S. Catholic

O.J.: Made in America

Magazine article U.S. Catholic

O.J.: Made in America

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Directed by Ezra Edelman (ESPN Films, 2016)

In 1995, after a mere three-hour deliberation, the jurors in the O.J. Simpson murder case decided Orenthal James Simpson was not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

But not until I watched all eight hours of Ezra Edelman's five-episode documentary, O.J.: Made in America, did I understand what led the jury to the monumental (albeit, wrong) verdict of not guilty.

The documentary focuses on the electric current of injustice pulsing in the veins of the African American community, particularly in Los Angeles where police officers shot Eula Love over an overdue utility bill. They followed this up with the destruction of two apartment buildings at 39th and Dalton. And then four LAPD officers brutally beat Rodney King.

Despite heavy play of the beating on national news, the four men of the apocalypse were not convicted. …

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