Magazine article American Banker

Goldman's Lesson from Online Lending Turmoil: Take It Slow

Magazine article American Banker

Goldman's Lesson from Online Lending Turmoil: Take It Slow

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Byline: Kristin Broughton

How do you build an upstart online lending business if you're a big, heavily regulated bank holding company? Very slowly.

That was the loud and clear message repeated several times by Goldman Sachs during a conference call with analysts and investors Tuesday.

Last week Goldman launched Marcus, its much-anticipated consumer lending platform. The business is the first foray by the Wall Street giant into the world of consumer lending -- and it is expected to give marketplace lenders a run for their money.

But Goldman is signaling to investors that it will take a different approach than those once-highflying fintech competitors. Following a following a period of rapid expansion, Lending Club, Prosper Marketplace and others have stumbled in recent months, as profits have plunged and institutional investors have raised concerns about credit quality.

Growing too fast won't be a problem at Goldman, according to Harvey Schwartz, the company's chief financial officer.

"We have said so many times that this is going to be a very deliberate and methodical approach, a bit of a crawl before we walk," Schwartz said on the call, without mentioning other companies in the space. "We are well aware that this is a new effort for us."

Goldman is not currently required to disclose the performance of its retail banking operations, which are too small to materially affect results. The company this spring also launched GS Bank, an online deposit platform.

But Schwartz said retail operations, though new, are showing signs of progress. As an anecdote, he said he received an email Monday night, telling him that Marcus booked its first consumer loan.

Growth will continue to be "deliberate and slow" in the short term -- but it may be a key driver for the company down the road, he said.

Marcus will initially be available by invitation only, to prospective borrowers who receive a special code in the mail. …

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