Magazine article Talent Development

Emily Isensee

Magazine article Talent Development

Emily Isensee

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What excites you about the talent development profession?

I love this field because it's all about helping people achieve their potential. Learning and growing can be both fun and challenging. But when people have an insight, there is a light that turns on in their eyes and an excitement they exude that is contagious. Being able to experience these moments with my learners excites me.

Additionally, I appreciate that, while talent development professionals' core job responsibilities revolve around developing and growing employees, they are also constantly working to develop themselves. I enjoy being part of a community of lifelong learners dedicated to helping other learners.


I've been privileged to have several dream jobs. One of my professional achievements was getting a job at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-it was a place I had always wanted to work and it was there that I discovered my love for the learning and development field.

While I was working at the Gates Foundation, I had the opportunity to meet Brene Brown and remember saying to myself, "Someday I'm going to work for her" Three years later, that dream became a reality, and I am thrilled to be currently working on her team and making the world a braver place.


I've had an opportunity to work both internally in an organization, on a learning and development team, as well as now externally, working with a variety of organizations. This is allowing me to test out both of these worlds and decide which direction I want to go in the future, whether that is as an internal practitioner or continuing in an external role.

I'm fascinated by the virtual learning and working environment and am curious as to how this world will evolve. Currently I am working for a company whose primary product is online courses, attending grad school partially online, and researching how to cultivate human connection in virtual settings. …

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