Magazine article Talent Development

Sardek Love: President and Founder, Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions Washington, D.C

Magazine article Talent Development

Sardek Love: President and Founder, Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions Washington, D.C

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Sardek Love is passionate about helping people grow, develop, and learn--to become better versions of themselves. He is president and founder of Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions, a global management and leadership development consulting firm. Love is a John Maxwell-certified motivational speaker who has worked in two dozen countries with Fortune 100 companies.


I encourage training professionals to always facilitate with a purpose on purpose. What I mean by that is they have to know where they're going-an end goal in mind as to every single component of content that they're covering. It comes down to asking the right questions at the right time so that they can equip the participants or employees to produce the desired results.

One of the ways I make this practical for training professionals when it comes to their communication is to make it fun, because who would you rather learn from: someone creating fun or someone creating an excruciating experience in a classroom or an online environment or whatever modality of delivery?

If they facilitate with a purpose, and have fun, and create the engaging experience through their facilitation skills, that's what it comes back to. And that makes a positive and memorable experience as opposed to when we go into what I call a "bathroom buzz"-if people have a bad experience, you know where they talk about it: on bathroom breaks.


Talent development is so vast and wide, but when I start looking at what we've been doing traditionally, I think one of the greatest challenges that talent development has right now is equipping people and organizations to continuously grow. I say that because of this: Nature has a way of creating this environment, and the reality is that things grow until they die or become extinct.

When we look at equipping people and organizations, we need to start looking at them from a business perspective. I found out from DDI that two-thirds of all executives are not ready to drive revenue growth. That creates a challenge; they need help.

Our business leaders and business partners need a lot of help in fostering continuous growth, because if organizations are not growing, they become extinct. So, focus on equipping our people and our organizations through our talents, our skills, and our processes to manage the globalization issues, the demographic changes that we're facing. …

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