Magazine article Success

My Way

Magazine article Success

My Way

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VENUS WILLIAMS, Professional tennis player, CEO of V Starr, and CEO and creative director of EleVen by Venus


West Palm Beach, Florida


In addition to her accomplished tennis career--which includes seven Grand Slam titles, 14 women's doubles titles, two mixed doubles titles and five Olympic medals--Williams is also the CEO of two businesses. V Starr is an interior design company that has worked on facilities such as the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami and the athletic center at Howard University. EleVen by Venus is Williams' line of athletic apparel.


Originals by Adam Grant. It talks about how to be innovative and how to come up with original ideas. It's really interesting. I recommend it.

I'M ACTUALLY A RECOVERING ... gadget-addict, so I'm limited on what I can get. , I recently got a Microsoft Surface Pro. It's pretty cool. I like it. It's interesting. It's small. You can travel with it easily.

I REALLY BELIEVE IN ... doing right by people and doing right by myself. I live with that every day. The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

MY FAVORITE FEEL-GOOD MOVIES ARE ... romantic comedies because I love happy endings--anything in that genre.

MY FAVORITE PICK-ME-UP IS ... my little dog. He always makes everything better.

EVERYONE SHOULD TRY ... having some faith and believing in a higher power. It's really grounding.


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