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Food for Thought: Following the Grocery Shopper's Path to Purchase

Magazine article ADWEEK

Food for Thought: Following the Grocery Shopper's Path to Purchase

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As anyone who has ever walked into a supermarket to buy a gallon of milk and left with a cart full of impulse purchases knows all too well, grocery shopping can be a complicated process. To help brand marketers decode consumers' path to purchase, Food Network Magazine partnered with research firm Open Mind Strategy to survey nearly 2,000 people (half of which were magazine subscribers) about their grocery shopping experiences, behaviors and attitudes. "It's difficult to categorize consumers as one type of shopper or eater--they want it how they want it and when they want it," said Food Network Magazine vp, publisher and CRO Vicki Wellington. "They're also more attuned than ever to ingredients and packaging: Less is more in regard to ingredients, and clear or transparent packaging suggests wholesomeness and 'better for you."' And while the study found that ecommerce is growing, brick-and-mortar retailers need not despair just yet. "The majority of people still want to smell, see and choose their own products, particularly fruits and vegetables," explained Wellington.

At the grocery store ...

Packaging is key!


of all shoppers say they sometimes buy food because the packaging is cool.

A food expert's face/name on a package says that it is a trustworthy product.

When a food brand feels or looks smaller, it feels more welcoming.

Certain buzzwords can make or break a product.

Most appealing packaging words:

* Fresh

* On sale

* All natural

* Organic

* Locally grown

* Low sodium

* Superfood

Least appealing packaging words:

* "Words I can't pronounce"

* Diet

* Soy

* Gluten free

* Stevia

* Sugar free

* Fat free

Before hitting the grocery store . … 
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